Javascript context holder pattern

Recently I was writing some OOP javascript for browser. Javascript is different from other OOP languages like C++,  C#, or Java. So, if you are not familiar with the differences and some extra capabilities of javascript, it’s really easy to get into horrible problems. One of those are context object aka this.

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New WHack Series

I am going to start writing a new series on “white hacks” that I frequently make as makeshift solutions to exigent problems. Many a times these solutions are not ideally the best approach to solve problems, but they are highly valuable when you are working on projects which have tight schedule constraints. People need the software first, then the performance.

These hacks will be found in the WHack Category.


Books I read – Part 1

I am not a bookworm, no way! But I have interests in some subjects which led me to read some really really great books. So, I am starting a new series on the books that I have read and would like to recommend to my friends and colleagues. They cover different subjects such as Software engineering, Team management, Personal development, Psychology, Strategy and Management, autobiographies, etc.

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Every software developer must know: part 1

There are some underlying theories behind software architecture and structure that every software engineer must know. On the face of it, a developer may not face a situation where this knowledge is applicable, but there are situations in development where one may have any idea where the problem exactly hides. If you really want to know why overdriving yourself and your team is not helping you to get things done and dusted, I recommend you to study some subjects.

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Effective Maximum a posteriori (MAP) Estimate in Machine Learning

I am borrowing an example from Tom Mitchell’s video lecture to share some ideas on how we can effectively and objectively use MAP. Here goes the equation for outcomes of coin flips where our coin may not be an ideal coin (that’s the only reason we are making an intelligent machine to find probabilistic outcomes):

θMAP = arg maxθ P(D|θ) P(θ) = (α1 + β1 – 1)  /  (α1 + β1 – 1) (α0 + β0 – 1)

How we choose β values from our previous knowledge of coin can have interesting facts.

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Implement Lucene Search in Android App – How to make it work

I created an Android app for World Health Organization long ago. I made different kinds of search engines before with full-text indexing. This time I wanted to do something different. I had only 4 days to make the app. They had different kinds of contents like

  1. html
  2. Plain text files
  3. PDF files

And they needed a search engine to search all the contents and show a unified result set ( Showing results in a same page with relevancy ). Now I could implement it in SQLite, but that would mean a lot of task and the gain would be much lesser than a document-based search engine like Apache Lucene.

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Social Media Marketing: For already reputed brands

Hello, everyone. I did many experiments in my life, one of them are social media marketing. I read a lot, discovered a lot. There are many opinions, different strategies. Not every thing is suitable for every scenario. Today I will be writing about the top ice cream brand, IGLOO, in Bangladesh, for which I did do something to sell out their new ice-cream line of 6-month-stock in 2 months, before they could even go to Television commercials and bill-boards! How did I do it? Read along…

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