GRE 320+ Plan without Stress

I have grown indifferent to the term “hard-work”, because there are too many people working really hard without specific plans and goals, and they end up getting less than what they could with less time. Time is a limited resource. When you are spending it lavishly (doing hard-work), you are wasting it. So, better plan before you work. This is a guide which shares a Plan to get a good score in GRE. The goal of the writing is making students aware of a plan and help them to build a good plan to achieve concrete goals.Read More »

Architecting in Java(!): Planning for Exception

There has always been confusion and debates on what to do with “exception” and how to use it. Now, if you see “exception handling” in context of just a programming practice, or java, or a convention, you are sure to get challenged by both your team members and yourself. During my early years, I have been in turmoil for making right decisions on it. But over the time, I have learned lessons and found the real purpose of exceptions which I am gonna share today:

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Books I read – Part 2

I guess I am reading too much recently and writing less and less every week. It’s probably because I serendipitously hit a strain of books about “brain” which essentially mix psychology, neuroscience, biology, and case studies, and give a totally different outlook to how we see ourselves and others. So, most of my second list is slanted for the brain.

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Spring multiple configuration classes: Loading beans, components, repositories, configurations from other packages

In the beginning, I had a hundred problems creating beans, and spent hours to understand how spring works. I produce a lot of modules and libraries and separate everything by features. So, my applications don’t have a simple model-view-controller folder-set as I have hundreds or even thousands of classes in enterprise solutions. And, I was facing issues with setting up my libraries which were not in the application package in spring. By application package I mean where the Spring Application class resides in and all the sub-packages.

So, what happens when packages are outside? – the beans are not created, the spring annotations do not work! The solution is pretty easy but hard to find unless you are already familiar with “spring keywords“. But, the only way to get familiar with spring terminology is to become a master of it first! Anyway, so my goal here is to write tutorials which would be easy to find with common keywords like “my beans are not working in spring”.

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A practical way to read productivity and self-development books

I have been sharing book titles with my colleagues for over a year now – to help them increase productivity, building up habits, defining goals, etc. Unfortunately, I found a common pattern which is very ineffective – reading as fast as possible. Most of us tend to complete a book as if they were reading a story, or they are supposed to finish it. Here are some facts that we need to remember when reading these kinds of books:

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New WHack Series

I am going to start writing a new series on “white hacks” that I frequently make as makeshift solutions to exigent problems. Many a times these solutions are not ideally the best approach to solve problems, but they are highly valuable when you are working on projects which have tight schedule constraints. People need the software first, then the performance.

These hacks will be found in the WHack Category.