Laravel PHPUnit Test Uses production configuration by Default

I came across an interesting problem today. I was Using laravel’s PHPUnit test framework to test a Eloquent class in my local environment. When I ran simple tests, I got that laravel eloquent find i was always returning null. Printing query log and running them was not helping.

So, I guessed whether laravel is actually connecting to my local database at all. So, I tried printing


In my test function. And surprisingly, PHPUnit outputted production servers database configurations! It should have used the environment I am testing! Anyway, that’s an architectural problem. So, here is the fix:

Copy the ‘database.php’ from your local environment to testing environment.

‘app/config/local/database.php’  to  ‘app/config/testing/database.php’

It will work with this manual trick.

But remember now, if you want to test in production server, “which we never do”, PHPUnit will use local database connection!

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