Android Development: Time for being reactive

I am into studying reactive architectures right now. I was reading to build scalable architectures for web applications. I just ran into an article which I could not resist to read even though it’s about Android development:

Read about how SoundCloud has been using  RxJava successfully for a few years and how this led to better app management and development at their end. This is a great read for any app development team.

When I built android applications, I used only Android libraries and architecture. But applications are being complex day by day, processing too many tasks. You can do everything with what android SDK already have, but can you manage it? Does your app developers and backend developers talk through API only? Can they share their expertise on software development?

So, it’s time for thinking about using different software architectures rather than using some frameworks and the base architecture. Because there are different architectures that helps you

  1. Manage asynchronous tasks better
  2. Manage distributed features better
  3. Enable better debugging of features and codes
  4. Balancing app loads (yes, you can indeed make your app overflowed by tasks)
  5. Manage local data better
  6. App developers and Backend Developers (Server end) can understand and help each other better.


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