Social Media Marketing: For already reputed brands

Hello, everyone. I did many experiments in my life, one of them are social media marketing. I read a lot, discovered a lot. There are many opinions, different strategies. Not every thing is suitable for every scenario. Today I will be writing about the top ice cream brand, IGLOO, in Bangladesh, for which I did do something to sell out their new ice-cream line of 6-month-stock in 2 months, before they could even go to Television commercials and bill-boards! How did I do it? Read along…

Case study

It was back in 2014. We made our “social network”,, made well-known in just 9 months. It had a tremendous influence in Facebook users in Bangladesh. One day the owner, who already knew me because of that network, requested me to do what I did with I accepted that request because I was looking forward to building relationships then. My team took over their Facebook page from a “top and professional” marketing company, and I made the strategy which I have been always doing for ( is now at halt because of investment issues)

At first, I saw they were doing what marketeers do for totally new companies, they were buying likes, comments, etc! Their target was “branding” as if no one knew what IGLOO were! It was totally wrong, and nothing good came for the company.

They didn’t need to make their page look believable, they didn’t need to build trust in their customers, they didn’t need to attract new customers; they already had that throughout the whole country. So, previous company had no clear goals.

So, I called my team members to set new goals and criteria, to achieve tangible results. Here are the goals:

  1. People already have trust in the brand, so, we could remind them to have an ice-cream!
  2. Different people have different memories of having ice-cream in their life. We could help them to cherish those memories and RECREATE!
  3. Get real customers to like the page, so that they can get something valuable from the page. A good memory is a good value!

And criteria was mostly when to publish different kinds of contents, frequencies, timings, graphics guide lines, etc. We worked out several patterns for contents and scheduling.

With some clear goals in mind, we could easily produce a lot of ideas. It’s like when you know where you want to go, you can find different routes, too, to there!

That’s it. That’s exactly what we did next for about 5 months. In between these 5 months, they launched their new ice-cream line called “paper cup”. And the first stock produced for first 6 months got sold out in 2 months. People were complaining the page that they could not find the ice-cream! It happened so easily because we had a CLEAR goal, and we reached that goal. We collected real stories, published them. We collected real ice cream moments and published them. We studied when people feel like having an ice cream, and we made pictures of that scenario.

What we learned: Clear goals for an already reputed brand. Also, talk to most of your team members, even if s/he is manning the front-desk only.

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