Books I read – Part 2

I guess I am reading too much recently and writing less and less every week. It’s probably because I serendipitously hit a strain of books about “brain” which essentially mix psychology, neuroscience, biology, and case studies, and give a totally different outlook to how we see ourselves and others. So, most of my second list is slanted for the brain.

  1. The Brain – The story of you: One of my friends referred a book to me about a year ago. I am good at forgetting names and titles. So, with a mixed up title in my head, I confabulated the name, and found this book and start reading without making sure if it was the right book. After reading the first chapter, I got back to the friend and thanked her for introducing me to such a great book. When I told her the title of the book, she was like “WTF”. She told me about another book by another writer! But I found “The Brain” book by David Eagleman so intriguing and so new, I kept reading this book until the end. This is a very very hard book for the uninitiated. It will surely break some neural links in your brain. Read at your own risk or miss it forever.
  2. How to Create a Mind: This is the actual book my friend recommended to me.  In it, Kurzweil describes his Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind. Many may not have heard of him, but he is a legend in computer science and has received stupendous titles like “Edison’s rightful heir”. I personally think being the director of engineering at Google is the least important of those. This book is very involved and also about the brain!
  3. Effective Java: Okay, this is one book I think I need to go back to multiple times in my life. Only for hardcore programmers. It’s very hard to understand the contents of the book because it’s written for masters. I am still a beginner (when compared to this book, not you!) and, to be frank, I still have at least 30% of it to assimilate.
  4. Make Your Own Neural Network: Recently, I have been reading too much about machine learning and deep learning because of my job responsibility. I was failing to understand the core concepts of neural networks. This book by “Tariq Rashid” is for the stressed like me who have lost the patience to focus on one thing at a time. It really helped me with making every single thing understandable without distraction. He did not want to teach two different things at a time, which is one of the best ways to teach. And lucid language, vivid pictures in every page on top of his focused presentation of the ideas.


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