I develop in several systems, from Java to JavaScripts, dot net and of course LAMP. I am a generalist developer, and work usually as software architect or solution architect. I welcome long term projects or research based projects.

I have done over 200 projects, and built up over 50 projects from scratch. I have extensive knowledge in team management, leadership, project management.

Work and Research

Right now I am leading a team of 7 software engineers, 8 researchers, and a few professors from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology to build novel solutions in language domain. Machine learning, neural networks, finite automata, probability analysis, NLP are kind of things we are working on everyday. My responsibility is to lead the research and development as the project manager and software architect. So, I am transforming their knowledge into usable applications.

My major skill domains:

Databases and Data Models in RDBMS, NoSQL, etc.

Microservices, distributed applications.

Design patterns, productivity, code management.

Team development and management. I love to work with people.

Transform ideas into software.


I can’t remember syntax of a language, yet I can write poetry in it.


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