Books I read – Part 2

I guess I am reading too much recently and writing less and less every week. It’s probably because I serendipitously hit a strain of books about “brain” which essentially mix psychology, neuroscience, biology, and case studies, and give a totally different outlook to how we see ourselves and others. So, most of my second list is slanted for the brain.

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A practical way to read productivity and self-development books

I have been sharing book titles with my colleagues for over a year now – to help them increase productivity, building up habits, defining goals, etc. Unfortunately, I found a common pattern which is very ineffective – reading as fast as possible. Most of us tend to complete a book as if they were reading a story, or they are supposed to finish it. Here are some facts that we need to remember when reading these kinds of books:

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Books I read – Part 1

I am not a bookworm, no way! But I have interests in some subjects which led me to read some really really great books. So, I am starting a new series on the books that I have read and would like to recommend to my friends and colleagues. They cover different subjects such as Software engineering, Team management, Personal development, Psychology, Strategy and Management, autobiographies, etc.

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