Starting with Springboot: mistakes I made

As I built many applications before, when I started building with springboot, following the springboot books is not enough for my architectural needs. So, I ran into many critical problems by going beyond those books. I will write them up to help beginners in spring ecosystem like me.

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Springboot and MongoDB: Creating indices on inherited properties or fields.

I started writing my first spring and the first springboot application today. The project requires mongodb and mysql as databases. My application’s domain objects are highly hierarchical and we need to make different kinds of search engines for many child classes. So, there needs to be some violations from common patterns like “field shadowing”. Though it’s only for the purpose of data and search layer, it doesn’t affect the object model of the application. So, I needed to change field behavior in subclasses which are different entities or collections in Mongo store. Basically I needed to put a annotation on subclass to enable an index on a field.

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