Prestashop 1.6.x nginx rewrite rules

I host my prestashop installations in nginx and I always use seo friendly urls in prestashop. Now, to use friendly url in nginx server, you will need to manually add the rewrite rule to your server location block.

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Associative Array in Java like PHP?

I don’t know how many times I saw this question asked by many PHP developers. It happens when some developer is not developing in Java actively, need to do some quick codes, and does PHP development regularly. Associative arrays are one of the most used feature (or is it the most?) of PHP.

Though collections are basic java features, and why many of PHP developers cannot readily catch that they can use Maps or Properties collections? It’s mainly because of OOP pattern. Java collections are objects. And many PHP developers are too accustomed to using Non-OOP patterns even if they are coding in a object oriented framework like laravel, or symfony, or zend.

Laravel 5 Configurations in AWS Elastic Beanstalk

A good one for laravel on beanstalk. If you are experiencing composer and artisan config.


I’m working on a new project that is running an API using Laravel 5. We’re also hosting it on Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk service, which gives us great scaling capabilities on the fly. However, since new instances of your application can be added/removed on the fly, setting your configuration requires a little more tweaking than the base install provides.

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